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Category 6 System Solutions Standard



Key Features and Benefits

  • Designed to exceed ANSI/TIA-568.2-D
  • Installations are covered by a 25-year comprehensive warranty program that provides performance to the latest industry standards
  • All connectivity components are 100% performance-tested
  • Quick installation of PanGen systems is provided through an extensive network of specially trained and certified installers
  • Optimal performance on all electrical parameters to provide a system that meets all applicable TIA standards. This performance is achieved through the robust cable design of GenSPEED 6 paired with the NetKey jack module, patch cord and punchdown or modular patch panels
  • Category 6 channel designed to meet the bandwidth requirements set by ANSI/TIA-568.2-D
  • TRU-Mark® footage marking system to help eliminate unused lengths of cable and save installation time
  • Jack modules are terminated with an industry-standard 110 punchdown tool that reduces installation cost
  • Patch cords include slender strain relief boots for easy access to high-density environments and a patented tangle-free latch that prevents snags and provides easy release for simple moves, adds and changes
  • Modular and punchdown patch panels, available in both metal and molded versions

Recommended for:

  • IEEE 802.3: 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-T, 10BASE-T, PoE, PoE+,PoE++
  • CDDI, Token Ring, ATM
  • Digital Video
  • Broadband and Baseband Analog Video
Electrical Value Guaranteed Channel Headroom over ANSI/TIA Category 6A
Insertion Loss
3 dB
3 dB
3 dB
4 dB
4 dB
6 dB
Return Loss
2 dB

GenSPEED® 6 Category 6 Cable (23 AWG)

  • Unique separator design engineered for consistent electrical performance parameters
  • Performance guaranteed to 350 MHz
  • Improved cable temperature rating (105°C plenum, 75°C riser) for greater protection against increased operating temperatures
  • UL Certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) contributes toward one LEED® credit under Material and Resource credit (MRc)
  • Health Product Declaration™ (HPD™) contributes toward one LEED credit under MRc
  • TRU-Mark® print legend contains footage markings from 1000′ to 0′
  • Third-party verified.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Part Numbers

Jacket Color Pull-Pac® II CMR (Non-Plenum) Pull-Pac® II CMP (Plenum) Spool-Pac® CMR (Non-Plenum) Spool-Pac® CMP (Plenum) Spool CMR (Non-Plenum) Spool CMP (Plenum)






  • Standard packaging: 1000′ Pull-Pac® II
  • Bulk reels are available as a special request with a maximum allowable length of 3000 feet per reel (minimum run and lead time may apply)
  • See all colors and options for this product on page 67 of the PanGen catalog
  • Non-stock items may be subject to minimum order quantities

Panduit Connectivity

NetKey® Category 6 UTP Jack Modules

  • Meet all industry performance standards for Category 6
  • Punchdown jack modules are 100% performance-tested and individually serialized for future traceability
  • Snap-in and out of keystone openings for easy moves, adds and changes
  • The universal label includes T568A and T568B wiring schemes.
UTP RJ45 Cat 6 Punchdown Keystone Jack Module

Category 6, 8-position, 8-wire, keystone punchdown jack module


Convenience pack of 25, Category 6, 8-position, 8-wire, keystone punchdown jack modules

close-up of FP6X88MTG

Category 6A RJ45 Field Term Plug with 45° up/down angled wire cap for field termination of 4-pair unshielded twisted pair cable

* For standard colors, replace color suffix with IW (Off White), EI (Electric Ivory), IG (International Grey), WH (White), BL (Black), BU (Blue), RD (Red), YL (Yellow), GR (Green), OR (Orange), or VL (Violet). To order convenience package of 25 jack modules, add -Q to end of part number.

NetKey® Category 6 UTP Patch Cords

  • Meet all industry performance standards for Category 6.
  • 100% performance-tested.
  • Available in a variety of colors and lengths for design flexibility.

Category 6 UTP patch cord with modular plugs on each end

* Available in 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 foot lengths

^ For standard colors other than Off White, add suffix BU (Blue), RD (Red), YL (Yellow), GR (Green), BL (Black), or GY (Gray). For example, the part number of a blue Category 6A, 3-foot patch cord is NK6APC3BU.

NetKey® Category 6 Punchdown Patch Panels

  • Mount to standard EIA 19” racks
  • Punchdown patch panels meet all industry performance standards for Category 6
  • Modular patch panels accept all NetKey® modules
  • Molded patch panels made of strong polymer material, with port numbering front and back
  • Optional angled versions available for high-density installations
  • Strain relief bars assist in cable management and bend radius control
  • Filler panels reserve space for future use and direct airflow

Category 6, 48-port punchdown patch panel


Category 6, 24-port punchdown patch panel

Cat 6 Punchdown Angled Keystone Patch Panel

Category 6, 48-port angled punchdown patch panel


Category 6, 24-port angled punchdown patch panel

* For standard colors, replace color suffix with IW (Off White), EL (Electric Ivory), IG (International Grey), WH (White), BL (Black), BU (Blue), RD (Red), YL (Yellow), GR (Green), OR (Orange), or VL (Violet). To order convenience package of 25 jack modules, add -Q to end of part number.